Aspen, Colorado, boasts some of the best skiing in the world, but winter isn’t the only season to visit. Aspen is a unique blend of history, culture, festivals, sports, restaurants and music, which makes this famous Colorado, Rocky Mountain town a very special world-class resort. Famous celebrities flock to Aspen to ski in the winter and to vacation in the summer. Who knows what famous celebrity you might bump into walking down the street?

For sports other than skiing in this Rocky Mountain village, there’s white water rafting on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers, Rocky Mountain biking, jeep trails, horseback riding, paragliding and ballooning. If you like fishing, some of the best trout fishing in Colorado lies near Aspen.

Aspen offers a depth and breadth of entertainment in music, drama and arts. Aspen also hosts world-renowned artists, dance festivals, community theater, the Aspen Film fest, arts and crafts fairs, workshops for writers, photographers and artists.

Aspen, located 220 miles West of Denver, is a captivating mountain community enriched with natural beauty and diverse cultural delights.

Originally called Ute City (after its displaced former residents), Aspen was founded in the late 1870s during a silver rush. The silver market crashed in 1893, and Aspen’s population dwindled from 15,000 to 250 people by the depression era. In the late 1930s, the region struck gold when Swiss mountaineer and ski consultant Andre Roche determined that Aspen Mountain would make a prime ski area. By 1941 it had already landed the U.S. Nationals, but Aspen was really put on the world map by Walter Paepcke, who developed the town as a cultural Mecca. In 1949, he helped found the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and he organized an international celebration to mark Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 200th birthday. This event paved the way for such renowned annual festivities as the Aspen Music Festival and the International Design Conference.

Take advantage of the miles of public hiking and biking trails, approximately 30,000 acres of open space or the 16-mile Boulder Creek Path which runs through the middle of town. Aspen Mountain (also known as Ajax) and Aspen Highlands are similar mountains, both over 3,200 vertical feet and each about 700 skiable acres. They are also both geared toward advanced skiers. Aspen Mountain has no beginner runs. Please note that Aspen Mountain does not allow snowboarding, though the other three mountains do. Snowmass is easily the largest of the four with over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain and a 4,400 foot vertical drop. Terrain is varied here, though 55% is considered intermediate. Buttermilk (also known as Tiehack) is a smaller, beginner-oriented mountain with 2,000 vertical feet and over 400 acres of smooth, rolling terrain. Plan It Here makes finding world-class accommodation easy and securing your reservation online hassle-free. All policies and prices are fully disclosed and all transactions are secure. Your privacy is always protected. Our Fair Price Guarantee assures you always receive value for your dollar. Your privacy is always protected.